Continuous human innovation and technological progress bring about the increasing integration of the economies around the world.  Globalization has opened doors for smaller firms to participate in projects were it could give the equivalent service at a reasonable cost helping the “bigger firms” to remain competitive.

PTCC offers engineering outsourcing, which provides an opportunity to leverage business off a wider resource base and maximize the profitability to partner consulting firms and contractors. We embrace the projects with the same enthusiasm, commitment and thoroughness that our Clients do.

We recognize that the key to success for a client engineering outsourcing is not only rich talent base and reliable and robust technology but also a genuine partnering alliance where the supply chain is proactively managed at all stages.

We work in close cooperation with our clients to ensure:

-  thorough familiarization and preparation in both organizations;

-  common language and values are shared;

-  clear and specific assignment of responsibility in both organizations for management of the relationship and the design interfaces;

-  understanding and respect for each party’s needs and constraints; and

-  specific relationship management, quality assurance and product configuration processes and procedures unique to the relationship

PTCC has also worked with foreign consultants and contracting clients around the globe, from Europe, United States, Australia to Asia. Some of these consultants include: Beca Ltd, Bilfinger Berger, Clarkebond, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Penta Ocean, Scott Wilson, Mott MacDonald, Royal Haskoning, High-Point Rendel, TRL, South Bank Systems, Louis Berger Group, URS, Washington Group International, Cardno International Pty Ltd, Shimizu Corporation, Hanjin, and China Harbor.